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As my clavicle or collar bone is not healing it needs to be pinned surgically so I cannot ride a bike. So what am I  doing for your money?

There are many different types of exercise bike but one of the few the professionals use is theWattbike. I will be riding a Wattbike for 50 minutes of each hour during the FIFTEEN HOURS the centre is open. That’s got to be tougher than riding 100 miles!

Is It Difficult?

Yes, spending 15 hours out of 24 sat on the saddle of an exercise bike, pedalling the whole time, is VERY difficult.

Exercise makes one more insulin sensitive so someone will be with me the whole time to emsure I do not keel over. I will be wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) which will alarm before I keel over.

This Is A Very Efficient Way To Give

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