My Bike is similar to this

What I really like about my bike is...

The electronic gear shifting. What does this mean and why is it so nice? It is NOT like a car when gears change automatically. For those who know about changing gears on a bike watch the video on the left, for those who do not read on and then watch the video on the right. 

So how do bike gears work? A good cyclist will try to spin their legs at between about 70 and 90 revs per minute but the terrain maybe anything from going up or down the side of a mountain to flat ground. With just one gear it will be almost impossible to get enough torque or twisting force to the wheel to climb steep hills or turn the wheel fast enough to go quickly on the flat. To overcome this bikes have gears, often about 22.

When going up hill the rider selects a low gear which reduces the turning speed of the legs and increases the twisting force and for down hills selects a high gear. The other gears are for the situations in between.

The structure of a bike makes it almost impossible to change gears in order so one can lose a lot of energy and speed when changing from the large front gear to the smaller one which happens as one changes down through the gears. Watch the video on the left and this will be clear.

Electronic Gears Explained

How gears work.

A big chainwheel at the front driving a small one at the back makes the bike go fast but makes going up hill very difficult. Using the small chainwheel on the front and the large one at the back makes going up hills easier but the bike goes slow.

This might not make too much sense to a non cyclist at first view but if you get on a bike and change through the gears it will all make sense!